Kolkata, Bangalore gets 4G a year after 3G’s launch

Bharti Airtel has now come out with 4G internet but this for now is being provided only in Kolkata and Bangalore. Hardly been a year since the launch of 3G and Airtel comes out with 4G internet.If 3G provided you speed, 4G is going to be a combination of speed and efficiency. We all love speed but with the addition of efficiency that 4G provides, I see this as as a big hit.

Airtel has announced a new tariff plan that offers 30 GB per month for its subscribers in Kolkata circle.I am actually a bit disjointed that Airtel did not include Mumbai in their plans, anyways the new tariff plan also known as Break Free Ultimate is available for Rs. 2999, was earlier launched in Bangalore for Airtel’s 4G customers. The new plan is available in Prepaid and Postpaid. As a part of an introductory offer, Airtel customers subscribing to 4G services will now be given a cash back for the CPE / dongle – thus bringing device cost to zero and paving way for mass adoption of 4G services.

Airtel also announced the launch of this new offer, valid for 60 days, for post paid customers. On the Rs.1999 plan, post paid customers customer will get the device FREE through an exciting cash back offer over 24 bill cycles. Also, customers will get a bill discount of Rs.333/ bill for 24 bills.

On the Rs.2999 plan, customer will get the device FREE through an exciting cash back offer over 12 bill cycles and customers will get a bill discount 666/bill for 12 bills

Airtel also introduced SmartBytes for Kolkata just after the Bangalore launch. Now Airtel 4G postpaid customers will get flexibility of adding data transfer limit and continue browsing at subscribed speed.

For its customers in Bangalore, the company unveils a catalogue of over 35 high quality Bollywood movie titles. The company also said that customers on Airtel 4G can leverage the power of 4G to enjoy an unmatched video streaming experience. While 10 movie titles will be available free of cost for customers during the first month. The company said that users can pay a monthly subscription of INR 149 and watch unlimited movies.This really seems to be a mouth watering prospect.

To check for Airtel plan 

Compatible Devices with 4G:

Samsung Epic 4G
Motorola Atrix 4G
Samsung Infuse 4G
HTC Inspire 4G
Samsung Inspiration 4G
HTC Thunderbolt 4G
Samsung Galaxy S 4G

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