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ghter socket. With the help of this charger you can charge your phone in a car on the go. It is really very helpful for people who spend more time in their car rather home finding it difficult to charge their phone in a conventional way.

This car charger is a very useful accessory specially when we take a look at the navigation services our modern phones provide. Very often we do not know the way to reach our destination and in such a situation our mobile phone comes to the rescue, but using GPS and Navigatin consumes more battery and the mobile may run out of power very quickly, this car charger can be very handy then. This DC-4 charger charges your mobile phone at a very high speed so we need not worry about a battery low warning , by the time we reach our destination our phone will be having full battery power.

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Original Nokia DC-4 car charger – 2mm.
This Nokia DC-4 multi-voltage charger with smaller charging plug can be plugged into a cigarette lighter to charge your phone battery.

  • Multivoltage charger
  • Plugs into the cigarette lighter and enables that your nokia is ready to use, even when the battery is flat
  • Uses standard 12v or 24v supply
  • Light weight and small size

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Its would cost around Rs.300($6)

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