Nokia in trouble

The above tag line may be difficult for many Nokia lovers to digest, but this is true. Lee Williams Nokia’s former senior vice president of Symbian Series 60 OS from 2006 to 2009, has interestingly revealed that the cost cutting strategy adopted by the current CEO Stephen Elop has invited trouble for the company.He goes on to say that  “Stephen Elop as a cost-slashing leader lacks long-term vision”.

His statement proves itself in the above graph indicating a dip in the market share Nokia is currently going through, specially after the introduction of Android in October 2008. Lee Williams also gave a mention to Nokia’s tried and tested work horse “SYMBIAN”. He added that the decision to sacrifice “SYMBIAN” for “WINDOWS PHONE” could prove to be a lost gamble for Nokia.

For me, once again Nokia chooses a platform which from an engineer’s look about is the best ,WP7 is the lightest on system resources, has great U.I and is easily the most stable OS around, but the mistake they committed here is that no attention was paid to market share nor customer base. In U.S Windows phone performed better than what Nokia expected it to, but faced more than balanced losses including some profits elsewhere.Nokia’s market share dropped to 24% early this year from 52% in early 2010, according to IDC.
Nokia lagged behind smaller competitors in launching “dual-SIM” phones, which have been popular in developing countries, It will now be a really very interesting proposition to see what Nokia does ahead.
What if the Windows Phone gamble fails??
Will Nokia switch back to Symbian if this happens??
Many questions to ask and answer, but considering Nokia’s stature and what Nokia has achieved over the years it surely will find a way out of trouble very soon.


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