Nokia to dump Symbian sooner?

It looks like Nokia has never seen what I and Shintu have been writing about Symbian. And now, although Symbian still brings more money to Nokia than Windows Phone, Nokia is still going to dump it, especially sooner than 2016.

Nokia is reportedly loosening its relationship with developers who are only working with its Symbian OS platform, as the ailing smartphone maker shifts its focus to Series 40 and Windows Phone.

Well, as a Symbian loyal fan, I am really sad. In fact, although Symbian is falling down fast, but it still brought more revenue to Nokia more than Windows Phone.

I saw Mr. Jan Ole Suhr was really disappointed. He’s the “father” of Gravity, one of the best Twitter app for Symbian. Actually, he may probably move to Android and iOS.

“First, in 2009/2010, came the news that AVKON would gradually be deprecated in favour of Qt, at which point every developer was turned to move to Qt. Second, in February 2011, came the news of the switch from Symbian/MeeGo to Windows Phone, but with the caveat that Qt would be used to connect the billion, and therefore would remain a viable mobile developer platform. Third, and yet to be officially confirmed, came the news that the Qt strategy was being abandoned.” –

So that’s a bad news to all Symbian developers, mostly the developers who choose Symbian as the only platform to work with. I’m sure some of them will discontinue developing any applications for Nokia in future, even for Windows Phone.

Nokia is dumping Symbian with higher speed day-by-day.

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