HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S III, which Android is better?

One X n S3
HTC One X and Samsung galaxy S3 are the best Android devices with best Hardware and Software. Now, let’s compare which one is the best and a winner.

The similar specification makes buyers feel difficult to decide: Quad-core CPUs, same screen resolution, Bluetooth 4.0 with A2DP, 1GB of RAM, powerful GPUs, and especially Android 4.0 ICS (upgradable to 4.1 JB).

However, they still have differences. And it’s time for the comparision to start.

First: Although the CPUs are quad-core, but the HTC One X comes with Tegra 3 processor powered by Nvidia @ 4*1.5GHz and Nvidia ULP GeForce GPU, while Samsung decided to use its own processor Samsung Exynos 4412 @ 4*1.4GHz with GPU Mali 400MP. However, don’t assume that the HTC is faster. On the contrary, the Galaxy S III is the winner. Yeah, you can see the Samsung device needs shorter time to completely boot up, even the Samsung start-up animation seems “more complex” than the HTC one. If that is still not enough to convince you, why don’t you do a GLBenchmark test? Galaxy S3 win not only One X but also other phones, so I am totally possible to say Samsung Galaxy S III has the most powerful processor in the world.

Second: Samsung Galaxy S III has a memory card slot with the maximum size is up to 64GB while One X doesn’t have. That is not enough to make Samsung win again. Although One X internal memory size is 32GB but the usable amount is only 26, according to GSMArena. How about the Samsung? The internal memory size is optional: 16, 32 and 64GB. Well, the strategy of Samsung Board of Directors is cleverer than HTC. So, the HTC is the loser.

Third: About camera. This time, the HTC has its first clear victory. HTC One X comes with HTC ImageChip technology. The photos taken by One X are more sharp and the colour is better than Galaxy SIII. And so videos despite the fps (One X: 1080p@23fps and Galaxy S III). One X has even stereo sound recording feature, which most of current phones doesn’t have. So you have to agree with me that the HTC’s product “defeat” the Samsung’s one.

Fourth: About UI. I can say HTC Sense UI 4.0 is a back step. It’s less friendly than the earlier versions. While Samsung TouchWiz has its big improvement.

Fifth: Battery is the point that we have to mention in all comparisions. No need to think much, the product made by Samsung has its 4th “gold medal”. 2100mAh is more than 1800mAh, it’s the obvious thing we cannot deny.

So, conclusion, the Samsung’s “robot” defeat the HTC’s product. If you love Android and want a phone with good camera, HTC One X is the one you should get. In other situations, Samsung Galaxy SIII is the best and cleverest choice.


  1. On the second point htc one x has internal memory of 32GB not mb ! and also galaxy s3 may have 16 32 o 64 GB of internal memory but in India samsung has just launched the 16GB version.
    Also S3 wins in more aspect like the SBeam feature, the automatic call feature and much more…
    SIII FTW ;)

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