Microsoft Surface tablet to be launched in October

Computing giant “Microsoft” has planned to launch its well received and hyped tablet i.e Surface some time in October.
Since its announcement “Surface” has won many hearts, It has been liked by people worldwide.
Surface is based on ARM processors and not Intel’s, in fact it is the first computer the Windows-maker has ever produced itself.

Microsoft also announced that its next verson of operating system i.e Windows 8 will be provided on the surface and as Windows 8 is being  launched on October 26, so we can assume that Surface may be launched on the same day.
Surface also offers a new version that uses the same ‘Metro’ interface that is available already on Windows phone.
According to rumors (not confirmed by Microsoft), as of late July 2012, the most recent estimates of pricing for the Surface are $599 for the lower end model and $999 for the Pro model.


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