Nokia Asha 311: A Budget friendly smart device

The all new Nokia Asha 311 seems to be an effort by Nokia to connect to the youth.With the features it carries and the price that it is available for i.e around Rs.6000 makes it an attractive package for people who enjoy carrying a feature packed device. It has a 1 GHz processor, 3 inch capacitive touch display, WiFi and 3G connectivity. Moreover all these features are backed up by the Nokia Maps with the ability to navigate offline as Map data is pre-included, also the one minute song download feature indicates Nokia’s target customers for this device also it is very well protected by the tough and strong Gorilla glass provided for the screen.

I actually quite like the design of this device as well, the thin silver metallic lining that covers the phone at the bottom side enhances a sporty look to the phone and its availability in many colors actually makes you spoiled for choices.







Now talking about the performance, the 1 GHz processor I feel is petty smooth and enough to handle most of what you throw on it.


Lets now move on to the camera, the 3.2 megapixel camera “with no flash” is understandable considering its price but Nokia could have done better justice on this regard, a camera without a flash makes you actually feel handicapped some times specially in the night.

Over all, the first impression that one gets from the Nokia Asha 311 is that its a utility phone at a low price, as I earlier said “targeted for the youth” and definitely worth buying.


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