7 Nokia glorious phones.

A few months ago, Nokia lost its throne to Samsung after a long time. In that period, Nokia launched many devices. Some of them are glorious, some are good, and some are bad. This post name 7 Nokia glorious phones. Let’s start the count down.

7. Nokia 808 PureView.

It will be a huge missing if I don’t list this device here. Everything is not impressive except one thing: camera. Yes, with 41-megapixel-with-PureView, it’s a breakthrough, a revolution. Till now, none of current smartphones can take higher-quality photos than 808.

Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1 is a big step from Symbian Belle. Modern features are added, although it seems late. That’s because if 808 did not come with gorgeous camera, maybe no one would care about its existance. However, Symbian fans feel consolation.

Main specification: 1.3GHz single core CPU, 512MB RAM, 256MB Graphics RAM, 41MP camera with PureView, Belle FP1 OS.

6. Nokia Lumia 610.

Although Lumia 900 is the most expected device in Lumia family and 610 is only a low-price phone, however, it’s the best selling Nokia Lumia. Why? It’s only a low-price phone! And there is futher update or not is not important.

Inspite of low hardware and some of Windows Phone apps are not compatible with it, it can process your manipulations very well. And the design makes it be a acceptable phone. In fact, users don’t care much about OS. Yes, the hardware is higher than N8 and E6 a little bit.

Main specification: 800MHz CPU, 256MB RAM, 5MP camera and Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh.

5. Nokia 6600.

It’s the phone which make Vietnamese people pay attention to Nokia Symbian phones. Well, you may think it’s a bad phone with no impressive features: 176*208px screen, low resolution camera, MIDI tones without MP3 and only 3MB memory. However, in 9 years ago, it was an outstanding device!

Seriously, it’s the first device which can open a SIS (Symbian Installation Script). Can you guess what was the media player? It’s RealPlayer, for both music and videos. User interface is not colourful, but it was very beautiful in 2003.

In my country that time, who went out with this phone was definately rich!

4. Nokia N-Gage.

It’s the Nokia made-for-gaming device. The design is very strange. But, it was so comfortable for users who loved games. Many titles of incredible games make it an in-dream phone when it was launched.

It’s also the device which started Nokia era! Till now, in my country, there are still people using it, although they have high-price phones, too. It’s not out-of-date yet, or they want to keep their memory?

3. Nokia N8-00.

This devices has been available since 2010, it is really an impressive device, it’s the first Nokia phone supports multi-touch technology. The phone also recorded the highest number of orders in Nokia’s history at that time.

Actually, the first time I heard about it was in 2008, two years before it was officially launched. 12MP camera is never really amazing! Yes, at this time, except 808 PureView, no devices can take higher-quality photos than N8.

Must-have features are integrated. However, time is the reason which decreases its attraction. If it had been launched in one year earlier, Symbian might not be going to extinct as now.

2. Nokia N95-1.

While N-Gage started Nokia era, N95 is the device which made Symbian phones by other manufactures (same time) look bad. It came with superb features: GPS, 5MP camera (even larger and better than all Sony K series in 2006), MP3 tones and much much more. Sometimes I think it’s a mini computer which can make calls instead of a smartphone. Yes, the concept of “smartphone” was formed when N95 appeared.

Let’s compare N95-1 and Dopod C730W, also known as HTC Excalibur, and O2 Atom Exec, two blockbusters in 2006, you’ll see that N95 is the best.

You can also play N-Gage games on N95.

Well, 2006 was the most beautiful time of Nokia. They wish it would happen again.

1. The champion.

Before I tell you which it is, can you guess? Clues:

  • It came with black-white display, or single-coloured screen.
  • There are five buttons and twelve character keys, including Power key.
  • Monotone is the only supported kind.
  • The firmware is the first version of S30, which is replaced by S40 now.

And here is the picture of it!

Yes, it is Nokia 1100.

In fact, it’s the most successful phone ever of the Finnish phone manufacture. It’s also my first phone! I remember that I had to beg my mother in many days to have it.

Simple OS but very useful, that the reason makes it the most glorious Nokia phone all over the world. What did you need when you decided to buy a phone in 2002 if you’re an ordinary user? Only calls, SMS and music tone! And maybe a torch.

The size is small but I felt very comfortable when holding this phone. The keypad is so soft, which is very convinient for texting.

How about gaming? Yes, it came with Space Impact and Snakes! It was enough for you to relax when you’re free.

I remember there were only five menu contents: Phonebook, Call register, Settings, Games and Extras.

Nokia launched it in right places in right time, that makes it become the most glorious phone by Nokia!

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