Idea now supports operator billing at Nokia Store

Now Idea user, time to rejoice. Idea Integrated operator billing by offering their consumers a seamless purchasing experience as well as a secure transaction model for those who do not own or are reticent about using their credit cards to make online purchases.

Nokia has extended its ecosystem of operator billing partners with Nokia Store to include Idea Cellular in India. Nokia Store is now easily accessible to millions of Idea Cellular consumers, allowing them to use their Nokia phones to consume premium content from Nokia Store and pay for it via their pre-paid or post-paid accounts.

Nokia now offers integrated billing solutions across the top 4 operators of India – Airtel, Idea Cellular, Reliance, and Vodafone. These operators together account for over 70% of the GSM subscribers in India. Idea Cellular is currently India’s 3rd largest GSM mobile operator with over 115 million subscribers.

Nokia Store currently offers over 120,000 titles for Nokia phones. These include apps, games, videos, podcasts, productivity tools, and other web and location-based services. Globally, Nokia Store drives more than 15 million downloads per day, and India currently sees over 80 million downloads per month. According to a recent Analysys Mason report, Nokia Store is the largest app store in India and accounted for 50% of all app downloads.


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