Contre Jour is now available for Symbian.

After Nokia released its document about porting apps and games from iOS, Android and Windows Phone to Qt, many amazing and famous games have landed to Symbian, such as Tank Hero, Iron Worm…

And now, HeroCraft has just finished porting an other famous game to Symbian platform: Contrejour. What a good news to Belle users!

All you have to do is to help the black creature to enter the brightest light by modifying the land. Moreover, you must help the creature to collect as many darker lights as many as possible.

With amazing graphic and soundtrack, it’s a five-star game for Belle users, who have been sad because no new great games are available in months. Well, they just purchase and enjoy.

Please notice that it does not support some models. To Belle FP2 users, you must have Application compatibility fix update before installing this game. Just open SW Update on your phone or use Nokia Suite to install this update. Moreover, the screen will splash at the first time you launch it and level 1. In other cases it works very cool.


Contrejour Symbian (1)

Contrejour Symbian (2)

Contrejour Symbian (3)

Contrejour Symbian (4)

Contrejour Symbian (5)

Contrejour Symbian (6)

Purchase now on Nokia Store:

Please notice that this game works perfectly on Nokia E6 although it’s not in device-compatible list.

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