Leaked: Final BB10 Firmware now available for Dev Alpha A & B


Developers who are lucky enough to own the exclusive Blackberry Dev Alpha Unit can now taste the awesomeness of Full Blackberry 10 OS. Its great to test out full Blackberry 10 OS before you plan to buy Z10 device when its available for purchase in your region.

This morning, i noticed that one of the guy xSacha leaked an autoloader for Blackberry 10 OS at Crackberry Forums. For some reason xSacha had released two Autoloader for BB Dev Alpha, both the Firmware works perfectly nd can be installed as well!

You can download anyone FW from below:





UPDATE: Looks like Blackberry Server has closed down above FW. Don’t worry, one of the guy has tooked backup. Here is the Link: Download Here. . .

Excited to test out Leaked Final Blackberry 10 OS on your Dev alpha devices? Let me show you how to install BB 10 on Dev Alpha A or B(Note: Both the device share same Autoloader as well as same procedure to install)

Procedure for Installation:

1. Download the OS from the above link (Note: You can downlaod anyone of the FW according to your wish, I have use second link for installation of my Dev Alpha Device).

2. Shutdown your Dev Alpha device.

3. Run the Autoloader FW file(.exe) you have downloaded. Connect your Dev Alpha and hold power button for a sec.

4. Let the installation proceed and after completion, go through the setup.

NOTE: After installation, if you are presented with an OS update during setup, Be sure to skip it!

Thats Done with full Blackberry 10 OS installation.



Disclaimer: It’s not my or anyone else’s fault if this brick your device or damage done through this process. Install at your own risk. Informational purposes only.



  1. after i upgrade the Alpha A device with this version the screen rotation does not work. HAs anyone else experienced the same?
    I used the Autoload. and it works fine but then it does not have all the other stock applications that the Autoload.×04002607.exe has.


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