Windows Phone 8 is now more popular than Windows Phone 7


Although Microsoft’s partners have launched their Apollo-powered devices for just a few months, Windows Phone 8 is impressively overtaken Windows Phone 7 in the market, especially in the US. No matter the reason is, but that’s a good news for Microsoft.

However, everything happened before BlackBerry-10-powered devices were not available. In fact, it seems like developers “welcome” BlackBerry 10 more than Windows Phone 8. There are many apps and games are confirmed to be ported to BlackBerry while the developers still don’t tell any information about Windows-Phone’s availability.

However, the future of these platforms and others including Android and iOS comes from buyers, not developers. If the next version of Windows Phone is good enough, people will absolutely quickly switch to Windows Phone. Then developers must be forced to port their contents to Microsoft’s mobile platform as soon as possible.

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