Windows Phone 8 Remote Device Access coming

rda wp8Nokia recently sent a mail to NPDP(Nokia Premium Developer Program) members to participate Beta program that will give access to Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices through RDA program.

What is RDA?

Remote Device Access (RDA) is a service that allows developers to test their mobile applications and services remotely on various Nokia devices. Application testing in RDA is a natural extension for development and testing done with SDK and emulator. Development done for one device can now easily be tested with different devices in RDA.

rda for wp8RDA in more Detail:

  • Devices in RDA are REAL devices using commercial software versions. Developers can do more things with devices in RDA they would be able to do with a device in hand.
  • RDA offers the following:
    • Remote controlling a device
    • Installing and running application
    • Transferring files
    • Taking screen captures
  • One device can be used by one user at a time
  • Requirement for RDA usage is a Nokia developer account and a standard Web browser.

RDA for Windows Phone 8 is still in Beta stage, it will be available for all developers after it exit Beta stage.

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