My day with Nokia Lumia 520

Last two days, my friend asked me to keep his Nokia Lumia 520 while he has been away. That’s why I have a chance to explore how good the most affordable Windows Phone 8 is.




Here is my full review:

The first impression is the design. In real life, it’s thicker than in Nokia’s images. However, that’s easier for you to hold the 520 in your hand. Well, “very comfortable” is the word I would like to describe here.

Secondly, smoothness is so awesome. It can handle may tasks at a time. Apps running in background mode don’t usually crash when you’re on an other app, unlike everything on my iPhone 4S and Galaxy S3: background apps are often crashed.

The 520 often works as fast as its predecessor, Lumia 920. With heavy apps and games, the distance between them is not so far. However, the amount of RAM is the problem. Some apps and especially heavy games require more than 512MB RAM, that make 520 users be jelous with 820 and 920 users sometimes. Moreover, it’s too lag when you play heavy games on the 520 due to its CPU speed and RAM.

How about HERE Maps? Nokia Maps for Windows Phone 7 is worse than Nokia Maps for Symbian and MeeGo. However, HERE Maps for Windows Phone 8 is much better. Yes, it’s is feature-rich and very useful. It seems like the Finnish manufacturer is completing porting its glorious mapping platform from Symbian to Windows Phone.

However, it’s too disappointed that Nokia City Len is not available for Lumia 520, 620 and 720. Very sad. Maybe it’s because of their price.

Although the number of apps on Windows Phone Store is increasing day-by-day, but it’s still small when competing to Apple iTunes Store for iOS and Google Play. However, some apps are very good and must-have. There are also exclusive apps for Windows Phone beside famous multiple-cross platform apps. So buyers should not so worry when they decide to go with Windows Phone.

Gaming? Cool! Windows Phone users must not be jelous with Android and iOS users. There are many exclusive gaming titles which are very awesome for Windows Phone. Moreover, most of famous multi-cross platform games have already been or are landing on Windows Phone also, for example: Gameloft Asphalt 7: HEAT, ZeptoLab Cut The Rope, and Amazing Alex by Rovio.

Camera? It’s too funny if you compare Lumia 520 and 808 PureView, Lumia 920, Samsung Galaxy S IV, Sony Xperia Z or iPhone 5 here. However, quality of photos taken by the 520 is quite fine, even better than lots of other smartphones with similar price.

In my country, Vietnam, Lumia 520 costs 3.8 million VND (about 183 USD) while Samsung Galaxy S III Mini costs 6.3 million VND (about 303 USD) and iPhone 4S 16GB costs even upto 15 million (about 721 USD) although their hardware is so similar but Lumia 520 even comes with some later technology. So, Lumia 520 is really worth with your money more than the Galaxy S III Mini. Windows Phone has not caught up Android and iOS yet, but it still satifies users, so I think my friend has a right decision to get the 520 two weeks ago instead of saving more money to buy the S III Mini later.

All I have to say now is Lumia 520 is so good with its price. I would like to recommend buyers to get it if they want to have experience with Windows Phone.

Is there something I miss, 520 users! Please help me to make this article better!

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