Four reasons why i still stick to SkyDrive

Cloud-computing is now a part of our tech life. Owner of popular operating systems have their cloud services: Google Drive, Apple iCloud and Microsoft SkyDrive. We also have other services which are very good, such as SugarSync, Dropbox, Box, Mediafire… Generally, Dropbox and Google Drive are the most popular services.

However, I prefer Microsoft SkyDrive and SugarSync although Android and iOS are the platforms that I am using. SkyDrive is very helpful for me, especially with my studying.


Firstly, 7GB is enough for me. Which kind of files I upload to SkyDrive? Only office documents. Moreover, my primary email is hosted by Microsoft, so SkyDrive is the most suitable service for me. When my friends ane collegues send me documents, I can easily save them to SkyDrive with just a few clicks.

Secondly, Office Web Apps are the most advanced point that makes me to stick to Microsoft SkyDrive. Although Microsoft has brought Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2013 to SkyDrive, but that’s enough for me and other students, I guess. The most interesting thing is: these web apps are used for free.

I also recommended my friends and collegues to switch to SkyDrive and they’re very delighted. However, more than half of them will continue using Google Drive as the primary services because their company use Google Apps for Business, or they need multiple-author feature. Fortunately, Microsoft is bringing it to SkyDrive to.compete with Google Drive.

Thirdly, SkyDrive is available for most of platforms I am using: Windows 8, Android, iOS and Symbian (Symbian users need to use 3rd-party app).

Fourthly, I’m dreaming of Nokia Lumia EOS (Lumia 909 or 1020), so SkyDrive is the most suitable serive for me.

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