Fifa 14 Game Review: Better and Best

fifa-14-walkthroughWhile Angry Birds, Temple Run,  Fruit Ninja are names that first come to mind when talking about games on tablets and mobile phones, there is a large segment of hard core gamers that mobile device developers have failed to allure to the tablet and smartphone markets. High-on graphics and also on AI, these games have made gaming consoles famous and now they are trying to make their mark on the mobile markets as well. FIFA by Electronic Arts is one of them and its latest version FIFA14 is now available on Android and iOS. Our review will tell you if it is worth the 1.3 GB space on your device.

To begin with, EA’s FIFA has monopolised the football gaming market for years now. Whether you have an Xbox or PS3 or even a PC, FIFA is the game you would buy for a thrilling football gaming experience. Even in the absence of any competition, EA brings something new for its ardent followers and manages to up the level of entertainment and gaming experience through this game. This year, EA has brought FIFA to the Android platform and it is indeed a reason for all Android users to get excited.

The arrival of FIFA 14 on a mobile device means letting go of the heavy accessories such as game controllers and large display screens, that we are so accustomed to seeing the game with. Making most of the touch interface of tablets and smart phones, FIFA 14 relies on taps, swipes and gestures that you make on the screen to control the movement of the ball and your players. While this had to come at the cost of dumbing the game down a bit, surprisingly, these changes do not take away anything away from the game; instead add a new level of control over your players. For example, a through pass is now much more accurate, since the ball will head in the exact line you asked for. We highly recommend playing the game in this mode, if you really want to test what EA has been doing between FIFA13 and 14.

However, if you are an old-school player and need a set of controls to keep your players in check, you can simply bring on virtual controls and resume playing. A word of warning though, FIFA is a game you play on a large screen and bringing up virtual controls on a 5-inch screen of your smart phone might take away too much from the game. It should be ok on a 10-inch tablet but we would still recommend the ‘touch’ mode to play the game.

FIFA14 also offers a wide variety of in-game options such as quick matches, real-life upcoming fixtures of your favourite team and the grandest of all, the Ultimate Team. Here, you are the manager whose mission is to put together an ideal team of players from all leagues in the world. You can buy players at an auction house in lieu of coins that you get after winning your games and is the same feature you would find, if you were to buy the console version. For a onetime fee, you can also unlock the tournament, Kick Off and tournament modes and enjoy the complete bouquet of EA’s offerings. Why the one-time fee for these? Because the rest of the game comes free! Yes, you read that right! EA is giving away most of the game as a free installation to be downloaded from the Play Store and you can choose if you want certain upgrades and pay a fee for them. Otherwise, you can simply continue to build your Ultimate Team for free.

If this was not enough, you can sign into your EA account and play a game with your cousin’s sitting, even in a different country, as long as both of you are connected to a good internet connection. The only downside of the game would probably be the erratic decisions its referee seems to make at times. But don’t worry, he isn’t fixing matches, he just needs a few bug fixes.

Overall, even in the absence of a competitor in this segment, FIFA 14 is a good game and EA has done a decent job when porting it to a tablet and smartphone OS. Multiple game modes, ease of play and a good AI with a price tag that says, ‘Free’ make it totally worth the 1.3 GB of space that it will occupy on your device.

Download Fifa 14 for Android here
Download Fifa 14 for iOS here

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