iCouch App Now Available on all Apple iOS Devices

iCouchAppThe iCouchApp acts as a platform for users to interact about similar shows and share views. The app has been launched for Android last year and now the iCouchApp is available for iOS users as well.

The iCouchApp, helps TV viewers engage and receive alerts about the TV program they are watching.┬áDeveloped by the makers of iDubba – ┬áRabi Gupta & Ashish Kumar in May 2013; iCouchApp is a must for all TV show fanatics; while abridging the gap between the channels and the audience, iCouch adds a layer of complete engagement in real time while the show is on air.

Users can take part in surveys, give reviews about their favorite programe, take polls and get more information about a show of their interest.

With over 45,000 downloads and 36,000+ registered users on the Android platform, the iCouchApp was very well received over the last 6 months and the iOS release came in lieu with that, reaching out to an entirely new user base now.

Users can easily download the app from the Google Play store to any Android device. You just need to log on & register as a user, and can then follow your favorite shows available on the application. Users have an option to join various show communities and be a part of the chat group when the show is on air.

iCouchApp for Android

iCouchApp for iOS

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