Is Benchmarks results really matter?

galaxy-s5-antutu-benchmark-hdblog-1Buying new Smartphone and doing a benchmark test is admirable task done by us but Do you think a single that does this benchmarks results really matter? Think it of in benchmarks results even Samsung’s own made Exynos octa core processor beat Qualcomm snapdragon 801 Quad core. But is it possible in benchmark test Galaxy S5 is best smartphone by benchmark result but Still S5 hangs many times a day in case of Exynos however HTC one M8 is never hangs. We downloaded many benchmark application available for download in Google play only for making review. The benchmark result of a smartphone shows lot of promise but real world is out of the number. That’s why I not talk about Benchmarks results. But inspite of these you should believe in Real hands on not on Benchmarks .

I mean to say 4 or 5 digit number never says that your smartphone is best in world.

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