Time to start worrying for Apple and Samsung

The Top smartphone manufacturer probably the best brands in this category Samsung and Apple must be worried after reading this news that Both this brands faces lose in Global Market shares According to reports of IDC who quarterly tracks Mobile phone.

According to same reports the Chinese vendors Lenovo and Huawei gaining market share at amazing pace.


From the above image it clearly mentioned how these two top Smartphone manufacturer facing a problem so is this worry sign for Samsung and Apple, or both will remain in their spots.

According to image shown above
Samsung’s global market share slipped from 32.3 percent during the second quarter of last year to 25.2 percent in Q2 2014. Apple’s share also dropped, from 13 percent in Q2 2013 to 11.9 percent in Q2 2014. Meanwhile, Huawei’s market share jumped from 4.3 percent to 6.9 percent in the same time period, while Lenovo’s market share increased from 4.7 percent to 5.4 percent. LG’s share remained relatively flat, and “other brands” increased from a 40.6 percent share to 45.8 percent.

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