Unlockar Reaches 20,000 Users within Eight Weeks of its beta launch


Unlockar, a lock screen app for android based phones has crossed the first 20,000 users mark within eight weeks of its beta launch. Unlockar features a concept named as the uScreen, an intelligent lock screen which entertains users with its various channels and at the same time rewards them with reward points called uCoins.

Pulkit Ahuja, Director – Technology and Operations at Unlockar, attributes growth to the

increasing word of mouth from satisfied and happy users and the various exciting innovations that unlockar has introduced for the Indian mobile user. For the first time, users are now able to earn reward points by using their phone and use them to bid at auctions or redeem them on e-commerce portal on the unlockar website “, he adds.

Unlockar as a concept has struck the right chord between marketing, technology and innovation. With the target audience for mobile based platforms increasing and on the rise, Unlockar has managed to position itself conveniently to be a forerunner in this land grab.

Regarding specific partnerships made, Gopal Yadav, Director Corporate Relations, mentions

Unlockar has created a more efficient eco-system which enables maximum engagement of users for its partnering brands, which in turn has brought a paradigm shift when it comes to users involvement in mobiles.”

The uScreen, a media rich lock screen displays user preferred content including trends, quotes, news, scores, weather updates, beautiful wallpapers, health and fashion tips, among others on the phone’s lock screen. Every time users unlock their phone by swiping on the uScreen, unlockar rewards them with either real money or uCoins (unlockar credits) which the users can later use at the shopping portal – the uShop.

Download Unlockar app for Android

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