ASUS sold out 20000 units within just few hours

asus zenfone

Just like Xiaomi, ASUS sold out 20,000 devices within few hours of availability on August 18, 2014. The company intends to refill the stocks within this week.

The company has released a firmware update for the ZenFone Series which makes the smartphones support OTG functionality. Furthermore, the update facilitates with brand new skin brightening feature added to the Beautification mode, enabling even better-looking selfies. There has been addition of two extra resolution options, 3MP/2MP for real cameras and the front cam skin tone can now be adjusted. The device will now support ASUS unlock App, enhanced 3rd party app compatibility and improved system stability(modem).

The devices are receiving terrific response from the Indian masses and the company is constantly acting in order to meet the demand and also to cater to all their requirements with the firmware updates.

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