Oxigen Mobile Wallet goes Social


Oxigen Services India Private Limited, an innovator and leader in payment solutions for over 10 years, announced the launch of India’s first social mobile wallet service, Oxigen wallet. With the new service, people will now be able to share money with their friends and family over their preferred social networks and messaging platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Google+ and Twitter. They will also be able to use their wallet to recharge their mobile phones, pay bills and shop across a large number of online merchants.

Oxigen, which has processed over 2 billion payment transactions exceeding Rs. 20,000 crores, through small retail, modern retail chains and banking websites and has revolutionised money transfer services for the unbanked population through its connect with National Payment corporation of India (NPCI), sees the potential of social media usage to bring innovative solutions to the market and simplify payments.

Oxigen serves several hundred million mobile customers at retail, processing nearly half a billion transactions annually, has already acquired 1.5 million mobile wallet accounts, clocking close to 1 million transactions a month. Ranked number 1, on NPCI’s mobiles banking platform IMPS, facilitating instant India’s 900 million mobile users and million Facebook accounts, where the youth is rapidly adopting social media apps like Whatsapp, Twitter etc.

By using the Oxigen Wallet service, which is currently available through Apple Store, Google Play Store, Windows Phone marketplace and the web, users can now easily send money to their friends and family using their favourite social channel, without ever needing the receiver’s bank account details. Along with money, users can also send photos, videos and audio and text messages to personalize the transfer. In the coming weeks, users will also be able to gift or ask for a mobile recharge.

Given the social nature of the service, it will find a high usage amongst the youth who go out for meals with their friends, split bills, send smaller but more frequent gifts to one another. In addition, they can also use the service for their own mobile recharges, bill payments and for payments on merchant sites (for movie tickets, to book travel tickets, pay for pizza. Get music & movie downloads, etc.)

“The unique social connect brought to us through our exclusive partnership with Fastacash , places Oxigen Mobile wallet distinctly apart from any other player in the market. Merging payments with social and mobile will change the way people pay for their everyday needs. We will continue to evolve the services by adding more products & features, thereby creating an ecosystem for payments where you will no longer need multiple mobile apps for payments of different services. In other words, a single mobile app will meet all your payment needs and set money free, in its true senses”,said Pramod Saxena, Founder, Chairman &Managing Director of Oxigen Services (India) Pvt.Limited.

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