Toshiba brings Android to its First LED TVs in India


Toshiba India today launched its first LED TVs powered by Android 4.4 OS, certified by Google. The newest range of LED TVs from Toshiba empowers customers to STAY UPDATED and ENJOY EVERY BIT of countless apps, games, videos on a range of Ultra HD 4K screens in L9450 series and HD & Full HD screens in L5400 series.

Commenting on the launch of the Toshiba LED TV powered by Android™ OS, Mr. Sanjay Warke, Country Head, Toshiba India – DS Division said, “The Android interface has opened a world of possibilities for consumers. From connecting India, to offering a wide variety of performance tools and apps, to an array of entertainment option, Android has demonstrated its ambidextrous capabilities. We are trying to bring the same limitless experience by breaking boundaries on screen sizes. Our latest range offers the customers a choice to enjoy latest Android applications on a larger screen and in a higher image quality, than that of smartphones and tablets.

Distinctive features of the new range

  • The new range comes equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi for hassle free connectivity and a web browser
  • The 4.4 KitKat OS allows customers to enjoy unlimited apps from the Android market. Add to that the ability of the new range to connect any game controller that turns your Toshiba LED TV into a gaming console. With a game collection larger than any other platform, users can be sure that they will never get bored.
  • The new range of Toshiba LED TVs with Android allows you to plug-and-play any wireless keypad and mouse offering a convenience to effortlessly type and point to links on the biggest screen in house.
  • The Google Play store also brings the latest Hollywood and Bollywood titles, right to the Toshiba LED TV allowing users to watch movies in Full-HD or Ultra-HD, without having to invest in a Blu-ray player.
  • The Miracast screen mirroring feature on the new range seamlessly displays multimedia between devices, without cables or a network connection. Users can view pictures, videos and even games running on their smartphone or tablet on a big screen Toshiba LED TV. 

Toshiba L9450 Series 4K UHD TV with Android

Leaflet A4

L9450 series delivers more natural colour and texture, richer contrast and higher brightness enhanced by Toshiba’s high-brightness panel, wide colour gamut panel, revolutionary Ultra HD 4K technology and CEVO 4K image processing engine. The CEVO 4K engine offers a new intensity in picture quality with four times as many pixels as Full HD. This video format retains stunning picture quality, regardless of screen size. The 4K RESOLUTION+ up-conversion technology brings movies, games and pictures to life in ultra stunning detail as if you’re really there. Users can easily convert Full HD content to near Ultra HD quality with the 4K Resolution+ technology.

Active Motion & Resolution Plus 3100 reduces motion blur and keeps up with fast-moving sports and action sequences to deliver crisp and clear images to viewers. It optimises the TV panel refresh rate, video processing, backlight technology and panel resolution via sophisticated algorithm to enhance the image. Using High Dynamic Range (HDR) restoration technology, elements that are lost during the recording process are restored to improve contrast, texture and brightness. By combining the CEVO 4K Engine with the innovative high-brightness panel, Toshiba is able to bring you the lifelike picture quality. The L9450 series with Toshiba’s latest innovation – Intelligent Scene Optimiser, presents the best viewing setting for an engaging session on the large screen. Picture and sound settings are adjusted automatically based on the genre of the scene contents such as cinema, video games, photo viewing and music to achieve the optimal combination for excellent picture performance. The Intelligent Auto View automatically optimises picture setting in different ambient light conditions and provide a better and comfortable 4K viewing environment.

The sound innovation in the L9450 series matches the visual innovation. The Labyrinth Speaker System in 65L9450 & 50L9450 models and the Bass Reflux Speaker system in 84L9540 model deliver an incredibly strong, clear sound performance. By improving the design of these compact speakers, the port resonance frequency is lowered for better bass reproduction.

When watching a cricket match, a Bollywood movie or any sports game, the Audio Source Filtering technology recreates a real-time audio environment by increasing the background sound. With the new Power Bass Booster, harmonics are generated at different frequency intervals. As a result, the depth of the frequency is increased and clarity of the bass sound is strengthened. The Audio Distortion Control feature in L9450 series minimises sound distortion during high volume by suppressing the distortion of individual frequencies without lowering the overall sound pressure.

The L9450 UHD 4K series is available in 125.7cm (50), 164.4cm (65) and 213.4cm (84) screen sizes, priced at Rs.1,99,000/-, Rs.3,69,900/- and Rs. 10,49,000/- respectively.

Toshiba L5400 Series LED TV with Android

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Image and sound quality are hallmarks of the L5400 series which offers dynamic possibilities for large screen. The powerful audio and video processing capability bring more immersive audio visual experience that is noticeably clearer and, down to the last detail. In addition, the powerful graphics capability enhances the gaming experiences so that users can enjoy graphic-aware applications such as racing games and action games in a big screen.

The CEVO Engine Premium with dual core GPU enables significantly enhances audio and video processing capability, as well as gaming performance. The 10-bit video processing maintains the 10-bit quality of input data during video processing by producing over 1 billion colours, resulting in a more realistic picture with a more accurate colour intensity and smoother colour transition of the original source. The Active Motion & Resolution Plus reduces motion blur and keeps up with fast-moving sports and action sequences by the TV panel refresh rate, video processing and backlight technology and panel resolution. The Intelligent Scene Optimiser presents the best viewing setting for an engaging session on the large screen by automatically adjusting picture and sound settings. The new Contrast Booster in L5400 series selects the optimal colour on the picture contrast without affecting the original colour settings.

With the new Power Bass Booster in L5400 series, harmonics are generated at different frequency intervals, offering an increased depth of the frequency and strengthened clarity of the bass sound. The Power Sound EQ utilises 448 frequency bands to equalise or compensate for different tonal side effects to deliver a smooth and clear sound quality. Audio Distortion Control minimises sound distortion during high volume by suppressing the distortion of individual frequencies without lowering the overall sound pressure.

The L5400 Series with Android™ will be available in 80cm (32), 101.6cm (40), 119.3cm (47) and 138.6cm (56) size models, priced at Rs. 38,990/-, Rs. 58,990/-, Rs. 85,990/- & Rs. 1,29,990/- respectively.

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