Cheers Devices introduces App Lite – A built-in App store


Cheers Global Pvt. Ltd introduces its built-in app store APP LITE for their Smartphones. “We have introduced this app to break the monopoly of an existing Play Store as well as striving to improve and secure the users data.” said Subhash Agarwal, Chief Managing Director, Cheers Devices. Cheers Devices, popular for their most affordable Smartphone, are bringing latest devices such as Smartphones, Power Banks, Speakers etc. to the market at a nominal price.

App Lite is Cheers’ Android market built-in app store for purchasing and downloading apps, and similar content of use in Cheers Smartphones, tablets, and similar devices. This store requires no email configuration and the apps can be downloaded at the touch of a single click. This app directly installs all apps securing them from the third-party services. Apart from it, the exclusive store works fast on 2G networks and thousands of applications can be downloaded efficiently. Also, there is filtration of applications with no privacy threats.

App Lite also ties heavily with their cloud capabilities, as all of the App Lite content is capable of being shared across Cheers Android devices.  Unlike other players in the market, this store secures content and doesn’t give access from any of the devices. As there is no email configuration, the data is hack free and safe in a user’s mobile. Apart from that the features that stand apart are security built-in, easy central management and others that make them an improvement in the contemporary phones.

The app is free and available for download for Cheers Devices from official website

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