DragonWar GK-005 M-Matador Gaming keyboard review


The M-Matador Keyboard is a mechanical keyboard from our friends at Dragon War. This keyboard is a backlit mechanical keyboard with function keys.

Build Quality:


The first thing I noticed about this keyboard is its weight. The hard plastic and mechanical inside makes it heavy and more sturdy. The Dragonwar GK-005 keyboard is compact due to no num pad. The 1.8m cord is in a gold plated plug. The cable can’t be flexed beyond a certain degree thanks to the sleeving. The keyboard has a matte black finish, but felt better with use. The underside of the keyboard feels like it’s made of some cast metal (aluminum, maybe) with the rest of the keyboard built of dense plastic.


There are also some rubber feet to keep it from slipping.


As mentioned earlier the keys use mechanical switches. These keys are heavy. The keys have a nice matte-black finish with blue backlighting and games control button with red backlighting. The backlighting can be adjusted using dedicated buttons. The layout of the keys feel natural with the less-used keys out of the way.



  • Mechanical Keyboard (Black Key): 50 Million life cycles of each button
  • Marco function: 25 Combination of macro keys creation
  • Backlight illumination: 11 Patterns of light movement
  • Interface: USB

Pros & Cons

  • Used it in Multiplayer games.
  • Keyboard is quite comfy.
  • Lacks Num-Pad. 
  • Easy to Carry around for events.
  • Need More Colors.
  • Compact design

Overall Experience: Good

Here is the Video of Dragonwar M-Matador keyboard while playing a game.



It’s a nice premium keyboard that feels good enough to type on. I actually find it leagues better than the Black Widow 2012 with MX Blues. The layout takes some getting used to. Really missed Numeric pad keys

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