Honor 6 plus to be launched in India on March 24


The smartphone war in India is heating up and the latest speculation is that Honor will be launching the Honor 6 Plus in India which was on display at MWC 2015. The phone is likely to give a tough competition to the existing players in the premium smartphone market.

Speculated to launch on March 24th 2015, Honor 6 plus is slated to be India’s first smartphone which features bionic parallel dual lens. Honor 6 Plus is a power packed phone when it comes to its camera as it is laden with many innovative features. These features are bound to give its users a SLR like feel to the pictures. The Honor 6 plus smartphone has a premium look and the battery power is touted to be the best in the segment. The phone offers a large-capacity lithium polymer battery with an energy density is up to 595Wh/L which offers a high capacity with a longer battery life. With a fully charged battery ordinary users can last over 2.81 days whereas heavy users can last over 1.25 days.

Internationally, Honor has rapidly expanded its footprint and has launched smartphones across various markets.  The slogan for Honor is “for the brave”; for the ones who dare to dream and follow their passion to achieve something. The brand targets the youth, the digital natives and people who seek the best in class technology.

We eagerly look forward to the pricing for the new Honor 6 Plus smartphone, and this is only good news for consumers in India. It may be worthwhile waiting for the launch of this phone before you decide to purchase your next smartphone.  Watch out for more updates on the Honor 6 Plus.

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