ScribeAStore, a simple and savvy eCommerce platform launched in India

scribe a store logo final (1)

Jaarwis has launched ScribeAStore (SaS), an e-commerce platform that will help Indian businesses and retailers in creating their online store.

The launch aims to enable small time entrepreneurs – some really creative artists, designers, brand-new startups, retailers, SMBs, etc. –to make an attempt at ecommerce and take their brand to the next level. The e-commerce eco-system leverages digital media and technology to offer an out-of-the-box solution to businesses looking to expand quickly beyond their geographies and establish an online presence at virtually no additional cost.

SaS will provide features like Unlimited Products, Integrated Payment Solutions, Automated Shipping, Innovative App Store, Community Market Place (Amazon and e-bay plug-ins) and Themes Library – making SaS a one-stop solution for merchants wanting to operate an online store.

SaS’ web-based platform offers one-click store launcher and a free store setup for the earliest few signups. For the ones signing up later, there is a customizable freemium business model.

“SAS will enable small and medium scale businesses and retailers can reach out to national and global customers, and can enhance their profits. For a local business or retailer, launching their own online store is a daunting task because most of them do not have access to web developers or techies. SaS enables them to not only create an online store but also customize it according to their business requirements. We have hundreds of themes that the store owners can choose from and give a customized look to their online shop. Jaarwis Technology will be the bringer of cutting edge technology to make SaS one of the simplest yet most sophisticated offerings for nexgen retailers to build successful online stores,” said Kuldeep Bhayana, the co-founder of Jaarwis.

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