SanDisk 3.0 Dual USB flash drive review


SanDisk 3.0 Ultra Dual USB Drive, we were quite impressed with the performance of it and easy to use OTG function no more OTG cable and hassle just plug and play, so sharing my thoughts on the same as was keen to check out the first review of Sandisk 3.0 dual usb drives.

The device is just 3cm long and has a USB 3.0 plug on one end and a microUSB plug on the other. Both plugs are retractable and only one plug can be used at a time so it’s easy to use in the move and easy to store. This design means the device can also be used without much hassle with USB OTG  cable.


There’s also a steel ring around centre of the SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0 so you can even put it on your key ring. The device allows Android users to easily transfer and share content from their computer to their mobile device without using OTG cables.


Overall the SanDisk Dual USB Drive 3.0 was near perfect for someone who would want to transfer data to their phone or tablet. While this might seem like a device that would only be good for quickly transferring a file or two to your computer, it is actually so much more. Since this has its own flash storage you don’t necessarily need to immediately or ever plug it into your computer. As we start to depend on our phones and tablets for more of our everyday life, it can be useful to be capable of moving files around safely and easily. The drive is on sale now in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB variants and ranging in price from Rs. 580 onwards

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