Knowlarity launched the Chennai flood helpline – 180030020658


Knowlarity has launched the Chennai flood helpline -180030020658 for those victims who are trying to reach their relatives , kith & kin but do not have any call charge & are also unable to recharge. This service will help them connected even when they do not have any balance.

Toll free numbers are the only numbers where calls can connect even when the balance is ZERO & we have leveraged this concept and launched the service on Toll free.

The call flow is as follows :

  • The caller calls on the Toll free number 180030020658
  • The IVR plays – Welcome to Chennai Flood helpline powered by Knowlarity communications – Press 1 for English & 2 for Tamil
  • Please dial 10 digit mobile or landline number of Chennai you wish to connect to after the beep
  • Please wait while we connect
  • 15000 people have supplied food and basic necessity support to the people in flood affected areas. Also, 10-20 people have been saved including a pregnant women.

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