Quantum QHM288 mouse review


The Quantum QHM288 Mouse is a budget premium series mouse that features beautiful and ergonomic design. We tested mouse on a desk, a soft mouse pad, a hard steel mouse pad, a wooden table, fabric and the Quantum QHM288 aced all. We liked this mouse when it originally cost INR 450, and it’s a better deal.

With soft corners and a laser engraved matte top, the mouse is pleasing to both the touch and the eyes. In the center of the device, right underneath the scroll wheel, is a laser engraved design. The Quantum QHM288 Mouse’s most noticeable physical attribute is its curved shape. Unlike the top of the mouse, its bottom is constructed from a hard, matte plastic that makes it easy to navigate on any surface. I had no problem using the mouse on my laptop.  I plugged it in and it was recognized immediately by Windows 10.



If you’re in the market for a new mouse, the Quantum QHM288 is available at a reasonable choice. It’s small enough to stuff in the laptop bag, but big enough to feel comfortable in my large size hands.  Its laser tracking is precise and works on most surfaces.

Watch out the Quick unboxing and Review video:


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