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Recently we got to meet with the co-founder of Zenrays technologies, I was excited to gain more info about Zenrays, and their services. It was just a casual meetup with Mr. Sumit Kohli, co-founder of Zenrays Technologies. He explained us about what Zenrays is currently providing and what it aims for in future. They are working on expanding to more centres in India and provide their training to students who wish to get industry standard knowledge and experience.

More about Zenrays

Zenrays is a consulting & technology training firm founded by IITians and Industry experts with years of experience in IT industry. The company aims to build a global IT talent pool with rigorously trained experts as per industry standards.

It was started in 2005 and was founded in 2014 under its parent company thought-works InfoTech. It aims to build a global IT talent pool with rigorously trained experts as per industry standards. That explains the main aim of the company, which provides consultation & training on various technologies to people working in IT fields. Since there are rapid changes in technologies nowadays, it is necessary to upgrade the skills set to match the current changes, and Zenrays helps Tech enthusiasts by providing knowledge about latest technology in trend and training them in various technologies, leading them to be a tech expert. Zenrays also imparts IT knowledge & human resources to various companies and it has consulted many companies worldwide, including projects in E-commerce, UI Development, Social Networking and Corporate Consulting domain.

Zenrays follows an approach of providing practical knowledge by conducting hands-on sessions from Day One, along with real-time coding classes.

 The courses offered by Zenrays at the moment are;

Web Development, JavaScript, HTML 5, Ajax, Python, MySQL, CSS 3, Django, Hibernate, Spring, Boostrap, PHP, JQuery, Drupal CMS, Angular JS, Core Java, Advance Java

Mr.Sumit Kohli, co-founder of Zenrays says more courses will be added soon. The faculty at Zenrays is known trainers & consultants of various companies worldwide, and they are very passionate & dedicated towards training.
According to my view, Zenrays came up with an innovative solution for high-standard training & consultation. The courses offered are enough to get you going, more will be added in near future. You can visit Zenrays website to know more about them.

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