Intex IT-12006 FMUB Review


Speakers used in home entertainment have an interesting evolution. While decent home theatres remained out of reach for the larger part of the audience because of their humongous price tags, many companies took to reforming the old 2.1 systems. Most of these speakers have a limited volume range and frequency response as they are made with desktop use in mind. They sound good when you’re sitting in front of them. Get away and the only thing you can hear even at full volumes is the thump. Tower speakers were a good option if you didn’t want small speakers hanging on the walls of your room. Though there is no respite from the price if you want the sound to be equally powerful. The Intex Tower speakers follow a witty design to keep the cost low. Priced at Rs 12600, the tower speakers have a decent sound output. The casing is also one strongly built box with laminated plastic on either side. Let’s examine some finer details.

The Intex towers don’t look monstrous at all. Moreover, the glossy black color scheme running throughout the speaker’s body. A thick, strong and heavy body is not generally used for a tower speaker if the bass unit resides outside of it. But if it resides within, a strong structure is required to withstand heavy vibrations that the big driver units would make. Putting the 8-inch drivers on the towers itself saves a lot of broad space required for a separate bass unit, had there been one. And to keep the towers slimmer, these “low-frequency response” units are placed on the side of the towers. Input ports are housed on one speaker while the other is connected to it with a connecting wire. Above it is the audio input to speakers and the FM antenna wire attachment. There is an input slot for attaching a Pendrive or an SD card and a few hard pressed buttons to control playback from these inputs. The 4-inch driver units and 1.5-inch tweeters that take care of mid and high frequencies are placed at the front.

Sound Performance

While the sound of Big Intex Towers can be compared with others of similar kind, we thought it better be compared to similarly priced speakers rather. At first, we were not sure of its loud nature, since the specs on the box say the power is mere 50W. Now that can be seriously underpowered. You might feel it until you power it up. At low volume, we turned the bass to full and treble was kept half and played a slow song with lots of mid and high-frequency instruments humming in the background. The bass was low and most of the low frequencies were realized rather smoothly. But I would like to add that the sound was so fulfilling that we didn’t feel the need for heavy sounds during the song. Even during some high paced Bollywood numbers, nobody missed the absence of heavy thumps because the beats were so clear that the sound filled the room. Then we took the volume higher to explore further. At 60 percent of the volume, we found that powerful distortion-less bass that every audiophile looks for. The beats were still very clear and concise. Needless to say then, the bass and surround could be further enhanced using equalizer, powerful sound stereos and other enhancements. Turing the volume to its last we waited for the thumping part to arrive in the song. They went on gleefully, playing the song without adulterating it with its own. But the tweeters did face some distortion. Reducing the treble, the bass overpowered with little distortion and the balance between the sounds was lost. But it went away after reducing the treble and bass levels slightly. Even in the outdoors, they won’t shy away when you are using the MIC. Using the wireless MIC for the karaoke was anyways fun and easy. Some short-comings reminiscent of low-cost speaker systems are surely present here. Like the amplifier is not immune to the mobile phone signals so they need to be kept away; remote control buttons are perfect to start with. But a remote control is any day a very useful device and it surely is a very useful.


An incredible-sounding speaker with distinctive design features. Intex Towers perform well, having nothing to sacrifice on the grounds of its built. Its design strike a wonderful compromise between the huge sound of traditional bipolar speakers and the imaging and focus of direct speakers. Nonetheless, The overall sound output is very natural and with all the tones tuned into perfect balance, it doesn’t miss a beat. And looking at the price, it’s a steal for people looking for decent speaker system for home use well below INR 15,000/-

Specification & InBox Content

  • 3-Way Speakers
  • Power Output 50W + 50W
  • Main Speaker Unit
  • Slave Unit
  • 4O Impedance
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20KHz
  • S/N Ratio: = 60dB
  • Bluetooth 3.0 (7 to 10 meters range)
  • FM Range 87.5 MHz to 108 MHz
  • Power Output AC 110V ~ 265V / 50-60Hz
  • Remote ( Requires 2x AAA Battery which is not included inside the box)
  • Cordless Mic ( Requires 2x AA Battery which is not included inside the box)
  • 51.8×43.9×98.0cm
  • 22.75kg (gross weight)
  • User manual

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